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Mature content
Intervention. FarlanxReader. :iconamaranthprincess21:AmaranthPrincess21 6 2
Circles and Circles. ErenxElvina.
They were going around in circles and circles and circles.
Eren grinned as he watched Elvina and Lucia wander through the forest. Hardly any light trickled through the thick canopy and the girls only had a small lantern to light the way. Oh, if only they could see the horrors hiding in the shadows, waiting for one of them to make the wrong move! Hopefully Lucia will go first, Eren thought. Once she’s out of the way, I’ll have Elvina to myself.
“What time is it?” He could hear Elvina ask with a yawn. Lucia shrugged.
“I don’t know. It has to be around dusk, right?”
“How long ago did we find that small clearing? It was noon then.”
“I have no idea.” They were so lost and Eren could see it in their eyes. That spark of fear as they looked around for familiar landmarks, for clues, for any indication of where they were. Elvina held her stuffed wolf, Chad, close to her chest as insects started to chirp around her. I
:iconamaranthprincess21:AmaranthPrincess21 1 4
Hero of my Heart. BertoltxReader.
Despite the mission ending early and being unfinished, Bertolt Hoover returned home a hero. At least, in his neighborhood. True, the government acknowledged what he managed to accomplish and upheld their end of a bargain, granting him and his family Marleyian citizenship, but as far as you knew the rest of the Marley wasn’t fond of him because of his ancestry. Hell, even your parents got a lot of flack from others when they hired him as your literature and culture tutor.
“I can’t believe you’re letting filth like him into your home, and to educate your child no less!” you’d heard one of your father’s co-workers complain. “Why not find a nice, real Marleyian tutor?”
“Having a top-notch education means understanding the world you live in. That means knowing about the cultures we live alongside and he’s the only one who’s been to Paradis and can teach about it,” he argued. His co-worker scoffed and rolled his ey
:iconamaranthprincess21:AmaranthPrincess21 13 9
Mature content
Guilty Eyes Fever. PromptoxReader. :iconamaranthprincess21:AmaranthPrincess21 7 2
An Act of Kindess. LeoxReader.
The Fortress was a cold but interesting place to work. It was dark, damp, and dismal, but it always had a huge flurry of activity. While King Garon’s adopted child permanently lived in the Fortress, their siblings would visit often. You only ever interacted with them when you had to serve meals, but that was enough to get a fairly good grasp of their personalities. Princess Elise was kind and always gave compliments; Crown Prince Xander would sometimes smile as he ate something delicious but never said anything; only the best foods got Princess Camilla’s kind words; and Prince Leo never had a kind word to say if he spoke at all.
With the exception of quiet and somewhat of a jerk Prince Leo, you liked the royal children. The only downside of their frequent visits was your workload got significantly heavier. So when it was announced Prince Leo was making a solo trip to the Fortress, you weren’t looking forward to the visit.
Preparations were exhausting. Cleaning his roo
:iconamaranthprincess21:AmaranthPrincess21 13 13
The Doll. LevixReader
He wasn't sure how he came here; how he ended up lying in bed beside this girl, letting her nuzzle his neck as he held her close.
Levi died many, many years ago, fighting the last of the titans. His body was tired. He was tired. After helping kill the Beast Titan and sustaining a serious injury, his body simply gave up. He hated his death: it was so unlike him.
His friends lived on. They started colonies, started families, started new lives outside of the walls. Levi would be lying through his teeth if he said he wasn't jealous of them. His wandering soul watched over them and their descendants, keeping an eye out for them.
Decades went by, centuries past, and he saw the world grow. Cities grew, technologies improved, he and his friends became legends. He was there when they erected the statue in his honor. His niece Mikasa's descendants spoke at the ceremony, and he approved of the words they said.
Levi remembered the first time he saw her. It was right by his statue. She took some pi
:iconamaranthprincess21:AmaranthPrincess21 20 8
Acceptance (Leo Fic Preview)
So this is a preview of the fic I wrote for the Struck to Cinders zine set! This will be in the Leo zine and you should def consider getting a copy of it! It's full of awesome writers and artists and the proceeds go to charity. What's not to love? Here's their blog with more info!
A heavy fog pushes down on Leo’s thoughts as he comes to. Heat burns underneath his skin and it takes him a good twenty seconds to realize he’s still in the library. Gods, that’s the last time I’m napping in the library, he thinks as he slowly sits up.
Darkness covers the hallways like a shroud and light drips from the wall sconces as Leo trudges along. At this point, he’s too tired to wish his quarters were closer. The only things on his mind are a warm bed and a soft pillow.
A quick movement out of the corner of his eye catches his attention. Heart pounding, he turns towards a wa
:iconamaranthprincess21:AmaranthPrincess21 1 0
The Butler's Son. JakobxReader.
After ten excruciating hours, the baby is born, screaming and crying like wounded animal. Camilla, who’s been by your side the whole time, sighs in relief and kisses your forehead, murmuring that it’s all over. Leo’s been trying his best to help you through labor, but he stays in the corner of your room, looking nauseated while Elise tries to calm him down. And Xander, bless him, is doing his best to keep it together. You don’t know whether he wants to vomit or cry. Probably both. Your labor has been bloody and emotional for everyone. Well, you’ve been the only one bleeding, although at one point it looked like Elise was going to clock Leo right in the face.
“You should be proud of yourself, my lady!” Flora says excitedly from across the room. She’s with the midwife and her assistants, washing the baby and making sure he’s healthy. “Not everyone gets through childbirth alive, or with such a beautiful baby!”
“I wond
:iconamaranthprincess21:AmaranthPrincess21 14 2
Mature content
Between Night and Day. ShiroxReader. :iconamaranthprincess21:AmaranthPrincess21 7 4
Satisfied. CielxReader.
A/N: this is an AU where Ciel and Lizzie weren't betrothed when they were children. Also yes this is based off the song from Hamilton because I am Hamiltrash.
It should have been a happy day. You should have been walking on air, dancing through the crowds with a permanent smile on your face. It was your sister’s wedding and every smile you cracked sent sharp stabs of guilty through your body. Lizzie had never looked so happy, dancing with her new husband. Stars shone in her eyes and there was even a soft look in Ciel’s eyes, one you had rarely seen before. You thought he only gave that look to you.
The song ended and the newly wedded couple walked to their table, sitting down and still clinging to each other. Your father cleared his throat and called for everyone to stand. I can do this, I can give this speech. I can not cry, you told yourself sharply, getting to your feet and biting your lip. This should have been a wonderful day, but all y
:iconamaranthprincess21:AmaranthPrincess21 21 6
Two Can Play This Game: GouxReader
When Gou pointed at you, your heart started racing and you could have died of happiness on the spot. Now that you were in the closet together, sitting on the floor and trying to figure out what to do, the sensations hadn’t stopped. This was the first time in a long time that you’d gotten some quality time with her in weeks and God damn it, you didn’t want this to end.
“So, uh, what’re we going to do?” you asked her.
“I slipped some makeup into my pockets before we came in. We can fake some hickies,” she suggested.
“Sounds good.” Right. It was dumb to think we’d be all over each other once the door shut, anyway, you tried to wave off your slight disappointment. Gou pulled her makeup and phone out, turning it on to help her see what she was doing. She rubbed her index finger in a reddish color and started rubbin
:iconamaranthprincess21:AmaranthPrincess21 8 2
Two Can Play This Game: NagisaxReader
“[First]-chan, aren’t you excited?!” Nagisa was talking your ear off as you waited for Makoto and Haru to get out of the closet. “We’re going to crush our competition! What are you going to do with your share of the winnings?”
“I-I don’t know,” you stammered.
“I’m gonna go to a one hundred yen store and get some bread! Or maybe some candy. Something yummy, anyway. Or we could both go and do a celebratory purikura,” he mused.
“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, Nagisa,” Rei chided him.
“I’ll count them all I want because I know we’re going to win,” Nagisa fired back, throwing his arm over your shoulders. At first, when you saw Nagisa pointing at you, you were ecstatic. Talk about good luck. But as your turn drew nearer and nearer, your stom
:iconamaranthprincess21:AmaranthPrincess21 24 3
Two Can Play This Game: ReixReader
At first, when you saw that you were pointing at Rei, you were overwhelmingly happy. Finally, a chance to make a move on him! But when you saw how red his face got when he found you pointing at him was a little disheartening. Okay, really disheartening. And from the way he remained silent while you waited for Haru and Gou to leave the closet. Haru was zipping up his pants and Gou finished up buttoning up the last few buttons of her blouse; the two looked like they had gone through a tornado more than they really looked like they had made out.
“All right, it’s you turn,” Gou said, helping you off of the ground. You nodded and went into the closet, Rei on your heels.
“Your time starts now!” Nagisa called out.
“We know Nagisa will definitely go all out with evidence, and we’ve already seen Haruka-senpai and Gou.” Less than a secon
:iconamaranthprincess21:AmaranthPrincess21 11 0
Two Can Play This Game: MakotoxReader
After seeing several people bitch on the internet about how people really couldn’t turn tomato red, you figured they were right. But looking at Makoto’s face as he pointed at you proved them wrong. The poor boy looked like he was going to pass out and frankly, you felt like you were going to hit the floor at any moment. To say you were excited and nervous was an understatement. You wanted to shriek in delight and throw up from an anxious stomach all at the same time. And your nerves only got worse once Nagisa all too cheerfully pushed you two into the closet.
“So, what are we going to do? I’d rather not forfeit four hundred yen right off the bat,” Makoto said from somewhere in the darkness. It was difficult to see him, but he was probably on the other side of the closet, as far from you as he could get. Is he trying to be a gentleman or does
:iconamaranthprincess21:AmaranthPrincess21 38 6
Two Can Play This Game: HaruxReader
Rei was groaning loudly, complaining that he’d gotten Nagisa as his partner while the short blond was jumping around happily, wasting no time in teasing Rei. Makoto was bright red, refusing to look at his partner Gou. And then you had Haru and it seemed like you were the only functional couple in the game. While everyone else was embarrassed, he was playing it cool and on the outside you looked just as calm, but little did he know that you were internally screaming, thanking any higher power for this stroke of luck.
“So, uh, who wants to go first?” Gou asked.
“We’ll go,” Haru volunteered, making your heart skip a beat. Nagisa said something teasingly to you two, but you couldn’t make it out, not with your thoughts racing and excitement and nervousness storming in your stomach. The closet was already empty, but it was a tight squeeze
:iconamaranthprincess21:AmaranthPrincess21 44 10
Two Can Play This Game: Introduction
You always thought high school parties were insane, alcohol and drug-filled parties where everyone’s grinding and getting it on, but now that you were at one, the hedonistic image the media fed you was a lot more exciting than the party you were currently at. Music was playing in the background but really everyone was just clustered in small groups around the house, keeping to themselves. You were holed up in a bedroom-turned office on the second floor of a house with the swim club and their manager. You didn’t really know anyone else at the party so when Gou and her boys showed up, it was a blessing. And that wasn’t just because your crush happened to be a part of the swim team. It was fun to be around those five and your crush being with them was just an added bonus.
“Do you think there are any games lying around that we can play? This party’s boring,” Nagisa complained, flopping onto the floor to stare at the ceiling. I feel it Nagisa, I f
:iconamaranthprincess21:AmaranthPrincess21 16 3



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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
The Cutest of the Titan Slayers.
Has backstroke for days.
Voice acting and fanfic writing trash.

Hi everyone, I'm Amaranth! I'm 22 years old and I'm a freelance writer who does fan fiction for fun! I am everyone's big sister so if you every need anything, feel free to come talk to me!

"You my, dear writer, are a hodge podge of wonderful things wrapped up in a box of twisted, dark musings tied with a bow of the many mutilated hearts you have victimized with your whimsical (and a tad dark....a lot) literature and artwork.
So overall...I think of you as the black void of literature who lures readers into the false sense of passion, love, and companionship until you stab them in the back at the pinnacle of your story" - Cloud-9-Art

"Mother said be good,
Father said be nice,
That was always their advice.
So be nice, Cinderella . . ."

Commissions are closed!

For more thirsting over Farlan Church and sobbing over Rivetra, check out my other accounts!

See that cutie over there? That's my baby, my very first SnK OC and my first OC ever that wasn't a Mary Sue or was created solely to draw cute outfits. Her name is Catherine Arwen Luell and she is my favorite. Also she was drawn by my bae SmexyLeviLover whose commissions happen to be open rn just saying.
I know this will probs gather a lot of controversy but please read thoroughly before you come after me or something. 

I've been doing fan art and making up fan fic stories since I was like 8 and obsessed with Sailor Moon, but I didn't start writing until I was 13. It was a Harry Potter fan fic. It was a retelling of Order of the Phoenix, but focusing on a romance between Neville and an OC I made called Fabi. I had recently just discovered fan fiction, but didn't read a lot of OC works. I really just jumped in and went for it. Running at 214 pages (handwritten), the original is still probs one of my longer pieces, though. It was my first big writing project and the first story I'd ever finished; I was so proud of myself for actually finishing a story. Even then I had a penchant for starting something and not completing it. I put it down for a few years and then came back to it and made an important discovery: 

The story was garbage and Fabi is what everyone would call a Mary Sue.

I didn't really know the term "Mary Sue" when I started writing. I created a character, gave her a backstory, gave her a personality, and was able to do whatever I wanted in-story with her. I had no fear of being criticized for making a "Mary Sue," mostly because I had no idea what one was. 

However, once I returned to Fabi's story, I had found out what a Mary Sue was. This was during the height of anti-Mary Sue ideology being spread over the internet. So many pages were dedicated to conducting "Mary Sue" tests to see if your OC was one or not. Writers were TERRIFIED of creating a Mary Sue and being bullied by people because of it.

The thing is, Mary Sue went from being a literary criticism of character to a tool used by bullies to harass writers and instill fear that their OC may never be "good enough." Loads of writers have a fear of their characters being insulted like this; the internet has equated Mary Sue to worst, most horribly written character of all time.

It's true some OCs may not be well-written, but how does being a Mary Sue harm someone? What does someone else's fun do to hurt you? Why call someone's OC a Mary Sue instead of offering specific constructive criticism? What does even calling someone's OC a Mary Sue do besides cause someone else pain?

We as a community need to stop slinging Mary Sue around like a loaded pistol. Using Mary Sue as criticism is no longer effective and it does far more damage than help. We need to start giving encouraging, polite constructive criticism. We aren't rivals here. We're all nerds who love our various pieces of media. 

Writers learn a lot from self-exploration and experimenting. From writing Fabi's story, I learned a lot about writing even though I came to hate the story I wrote a decade ago. I learned what worked and what didn't. I grew up with my work and revised, revised, revised. Learning what made Mary Sues "bad" (honestly, just cliches and some other things) did help me grow as a writer, but having your characters be called a "Mary Sue" helps no one because it doesn't explain anything. It's just an insult. Calling characters a Mary Sue is not valid criticism and it only spurs writers resenting the commenter or worse, growing to hate their own work. 

And it's not just a useless piece of criticism. The idea of what's "well-written" and not is super subjective. There's always going to be one person who hates your work and thinks everything sucks. Likes and dislikes are not the same across the board and the same goes for criticisms. Honestly, there are Mary Sue tropes that don't bother me at all. Whether I think they're pulled off well or not if debatable. But I admit I'm a lot more lenient on this kind of thing in fics. I'm more than willing to go with the flow but a lot of my watchers know my big thing I do point out to other writers is grammar and spellings and such. 

But anyway. The fear of Mary Sues only hurts writers and forces their work into smaller creative holes. What's well-written is up for debate and yes, you can leave polite criticisms for a writer, but using the threat of a Mary Sue is no longer acceptable and needs to be tossed out. Writers, especially young writers, need to be allowed to write and have fun and experiment without fear of bullying. This isn't a piece on like banning criticism; I'm only asking for people to reconsider using Mary Sues as a threat and insult. Writers do need criticism to grow, but we as writers and readers need to start offering better advice to others in our community. And in this day and age, calling an OC a Mary Sue is simply not acceptable. 

So I say go ahead: write a Mary Sue! Have fun with your work and explore all possibilities! Go wild! Write what you want and experiment! You will find what works and what doesn't. Writers, you are allowed to have fun and create characters as you want. At the end of the day, only you get to decide what stays published. Listen to criticism, but take anyone who cries "Mary Sue" with a grain of salt. 


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but the idea of horror and love live sounds so good omg!! I'm looking forward to see how it comes together B)
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